Tunnel Book

Tunnel Book



I made this pop-up book at NYCResistor, inspiration for the scenes came from a short vignette written by a friend of mine.


I made the book by first cutting out the scenes by hand (on a slightly larger scale than the final), then scanning them and tracing them by hand into illustrator (yay for Wacom tablets!), then I used a laser cutter to cut the scenes out of 110lb card stock.




The sides of the accordions are plain paper so they’re easier to fold. There are three scenes in all, each swings out to attach to the front cover of the book (the backdrop of the “theater”), then pulls out and hooks on a small ledge that swings up from the “stage”.


The stage underneath the scenes is lit by tri-color RGB LEDs, whose color is controlled by the slider switch to the left of the scenes. The round knob turns to control the brightness of the light. This lends itself to some dramatic effects!


Inside the stage is an Arduino Microcontroller chip – the sliders connect to this chip, which then sends the corresponding signals to the LEDs (thus telling them what color and brightness to be!) The stage’s bottom opens to allow access to the electronics inside.


In the end – this is a book after all – all three scenes flatten and the “stage” swings up so that the book can fold back up into codex form.